Wednesday, September 26

..>>René Lalique<<..

I really wanted to share with you the work of an old Parisian jewellery designer René Lalique. He was a prominent Art Nouveau jewellery and glassware designer from the early 1900s. 

His jewellery in particular is full of gothic designs of interwoven metalwork, set with fire opals, moonstones, enamel and diamonds. He created these back at the turn of the century, but looking at some of these he was way ahead of his time. 

His pieces currently sell for six figure sums.. and I can completely see why. Amazing. 


Choker plate - gold, enamel & diamond

Ring - diamond & enamel

Dragonfly Pendant - Fire opal & Enamel

Peacock Woman Necklace - Gold, Enamel & Fire Opal

Pocket Watch - Mask Decorated 

Thistle Bracelet - Silver & Gold 

Dragonfly Women - Gold & Enamel



MIchaela Staňková said...

They are truly little masterpieces -is so much beauty in them and they are so interesting! Vicky

Melissa said...

This work is absolutely breathtaking. The peacock woman necklace is by far my favorite. Thank you for sharing.

<3 Melissa

Little Girl Lost said...

omg aaaaahmazing stuff! i love the thistle bracelet. who would have ever thought of using a thistle as inspiration for a bracelet?

Cheska said...

The peacock woman and the thistle bracelet are my two favourites, so dark and beautiful x