Tuesday, October 9

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I'm sat here on a Tuesday evening, the rain is driving hard outside and I thought I'd share an old blog favourite of mine which has the ability to make me feel all warm inside and comforted, despite what the British weather tries to do otherwise. 

I'm sure a few of you know about wildflower - it's one of those blogs that has a bit everything. Fashion, beautiful photos, even more beautiful quotations, outfit posts, artwork... just a lovely blog that you can sit and browse and before you know half an hour has passed. 

There is a nice regular stream of posts so you always know there will be something new coming up soon - no waiting months for one post then another month long hiatus (coughguiltycough). 

"The sea said goodbye to the shore so the sun wouldn't notice
The seaweed wrapped its arms around you

The carpet on my cheek feels like a forest
And I run through the tall trees with your hand chasing me

The books that I keep by my bag are full of your stories
That I drew up from a little dream of mine, a little nightmare of yours

To beat us to take this plunge to forgive and forget
And be a better man, to be a better man, to be a better man."

all pictures & text from wildflower

I would thoroughly recommend taking a wander over and seeing what you think. I'm sure you'll all love it


Constance said...

These pictures are so beautiful!


Alexa Carey said...

Love the photos

Nicole Fernandes said...

thnkzzzz & visit me

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