Tuesday, October 9

..>> blogs i love<<..

I'm sat here on a Tuesday evening, the rain is driving hard outside and I thought I'd share an old blog favourite of mine which has the ability to make me feel all warm inside and comforted, despite what the British weather tries to do otherwise. 

I'm sure a few of you know about wildflower - it's one of those blogs that has a bit everything. Fashion, beautiful photos, even more beautiful quotations, outfit posts, artwork... just a lovely blog that you can sit and browse and before you know half an hour has passed. 

There is a nice regular stream of posts so you always know there will be something new coming up soon - no waiting months for one post then another month long hiatus (coughguiltycough). 

"The sea said goodbye to the shore so the sun wouldn't notice
The seaweed wrapped its arms around you

The carpet on my cheek feels like a forest
And I run through the tall trees with your hand chasing me

The books that I keep by my bag are full of your stories
That I drew up from a little dream of mine, a little nightmare of yours

To beat us to take this plunge to forgive and forget
And be a better man, to be a better man, to be a better man."

all pictures & text from wildflower

I would thoroughly recommend taking a wander over and seeing what you think. I'm sure you'll all love it

Saturday, September 29

..>>Cara Delevigne Russh Magazine - by Tung Walsh<<..

The inimitable Cara Delevigne for Russh Magazine, photographed by Tung Walsh. I'm obsessed with the make up and hair styling in this ed, she looks perfection X

Moving Mountains

The last social media frontier has been faced and defeated - I am   now on twitter! 


Wednesday, September 26

..>>René Lalique<<..

I really wanted to share with you the work of an old Parisian jewellery designer René Lalique. He was a prominent Art Nouveau jewellery and glassware designer from the early 1900s. 

His jewellery in particular is full of gothic designs of interwoven metalwork, set with fire opals, moonstones, enamel and diamonds. He created these back at the turn of the century, but looking at some of these he was way ahead of his time. 

His pieces currently sell for six figure sums.. and I can completely see why. Amazing. 


Choker plate - gold, enamel & diamond

Ring - diamond & enamel

Dragonfly Pendant - Fire opal & Enamel

Peacock Woman Necklace - Gold, Enamel & Fire Opal

Pocket Watch - Mask Decorated 

Thistle Bracelet - Silver & Gold 

Dragonfly Women - Gold & Enamel

(Sources: fuckyeahlalique.tumblr.com)

Tuesday, September 25


Apologies for the giant face! I'm wearing: Trilogy Moonstone Ring - nakedfaun, Band Moonstone Ring - nakedfaun

Without doubt my favourite gemstone is Moonstone. Typically mined in Sri Lanka, Moonstone displays a play of blue light across its surface which is as hypnotic as it is beautiful. The myth and legend surrounding the stone is enough to write volumes. 

The Ancients believed that the stone was formed from rays of moonlight, such was its unique beauty. Amazingly, in his book The Curious Lore of Gemstones, George Frederick Kunz relays the story of a famous Moonstone which apparently displayed a white point of light. This point of light moved according to the waxing and waning of the moon - when the moon was full, the white point was round and sat in the middle of the stone, and as the moon waned, the point got smaller and rose to the top of the stone. I don't know about you, but I would love to know where this stone found its home... perhaps all of us will now keep an eye out for a Moonstone with a peculiar white point of light! 

It's association with the moon and magic means that Moonstone is held to be a Goddess stone, associated with feminine energies and intuition. Perhaps because of this association with the 'Mother' it was long used as a talisman of protection for travellers. It's reputed abilities in increasing intuitive understanding and reducing anxiety would most certainly have benefitted those undertaking long and arduous journeys into the unknown. Even today, it is held as a sacred stone in India. 

To me there's just something so innately spiritual and magical about Moonstone, I honestly could just sit and talk about it all day. Are you as captivated by it as I am? 


(source: altamiranyc.blogspot.com)

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Wednesday, September 19

www.nakedfaun.com --> finally launches!

It's finally here! Click on the link above to go and browse through silver rings, body chains, ear cuffs and more. 

And for the first week enter the code: WELCOME to receive 10% off your order. 


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So stoked to be able to share this with all of you at last,

Tuesday, September 18

..>>nakedfaun.com is on the near horizon... <<..

So it's not long until NAKEDFAUN.COM officially opens! I've been quiet on here for a while now, trying to concentrate my efforts on getting everything organised and ready for the launch. Expect to see plenty of .925 sterling silver rings, all handmade in India. There's some fashion jewellery too, body chains and ear cuffs with turquoise and feather sprinkled in there too. Exciting stuff which I literally cannot wait to share with you all and see what you think! 

You can also find me here: tumblr and instagram

Friday, July 6

.>> sssh... <<.

a little peek of what's to come at Naked Faun ... 

Have a wonderful weekend! 

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Wednesday, June 13

The Heart is a Drum Machine

Listen to this as it was made to be played.. loud, and in a darkened room. You will have a beautiful experience.

This man is a musical genius, with a pure and beautiful soul. 

Wednesday, June 6

So it begins...

Wow, where did the last 4 months go?! I can only apologise for my absence, being in the middle of my dissertation and finals, I barely had time to breathe. However, my life of education and institutions is now well and truly over, and I am so excited to start the next journey in my life. 

Some of you may know that over the past year I've been working to start a jewellery business specialising in sterling silver and semi precious stones. The store will be online, and will hopefully be launching in the next couple of months. This has been my little baby throughout my last year of university and I can't wait to share everything with you. 

Thankyou for those that have stuck with me even though this blog has been empty for a while, I will keep you all posted on the launch of NakedFaun jewellery! I hope life is treating you all well. Much love, 
x Chesca x

PS: During the dark days of my dissertation deadline, I won a beautiful banjara necklace via the wonderful moontomoon and Gypsy River. It really brightened those stressful days, so thankyou very much to them and if you don't follow their blogs, you should. They are amazing. x