Wednesday, November 9


this is about the importance of your womanhood. Being a woman holds great power and with that comes great responsibility. There is so much to be healed and so much that needs to be nurtured. For so long the Goddess has been repressed, the Divine Feminine forgotten, which has caused such an imbalance in the Father, the Masculine. It has taught him greed and corruption, perversion and hate. The medicine to restore this balance lies within awakening the mother energy once again. It is happening all around us. I meet more and more women everyday that have awakened their spirit and are holding space for the great divide to repair itself. It is your time to be aware. Awaken your inner Goddess and observe yourself in the light. Hold space for our fathers, brothers, and sons. Be strong and yet soft and compassionate. Allow space for healing and breath. Recognize your true inner spirit. Allow her to dance in the moonlight and bask in the radiance of the sun. Root yourself deep into the earth as you expand into the cosmos. When you start to observe yourself in this light, you will notice a shift in the masculine energy around you. It is so important and so necessary.


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